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Customer View

With DBS-H, you’ll be able to

  • See the entire customer picture, and leverage it faster.
  • Have your current systems (CRM, social, shopping, communication channels, and more) integrate information.
  • Make smarter decisions by streaming more unified data to your analytics and BI systems.

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You have the customer data, but it’s scattered and chaotic. DBS-H harmonizes your data.

DBS-H improves customer experiences, and helps you to capitalize upsell or cross-sell opportunities regardless of the channel. We facilitate transparent integration of various existing SQL databases with a NoSQL data hub, by continuously integrating big data with relevant data from relational data sources.
 The DBS-H solution enables a 360° customer view business case by integrating transparently and continuously from existing SQL-based data sources.


User Profile Management

With DBS-H, you’ll be able to

  • Bring together all user data into one organized and flexible place.
  • Avoid fragmented data with hybrid systems.
  • Simplify complex user profile management.

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Scalability, data flexibility and performance aren’t just user expectations; they’re business requirements.

DBS-H allows a single point of view for ALL your user’s profiles.
Customer data and financial records require strong data consistency and transactional integrity. These requirements are supported by SQL databases. NoSQL operational databases are capable of storing unstructured information about user behavior, social interaction, and customer engagement. Continuous integration of financial records with social data, without compromising data integrity, is critical for the successful management of organizational data. DBS-H supports hybrid systems in near real-time.


Catalog Management

With DBS-H, you’ll be able to

  • Manage cross-departmental catalogs.
  • Avoid business unit fragmentation.
  • Introduce new products and services on demand.

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Manage catalogs from diverse sources.

Continuous integration of structured and unstructured customer data in operational databases such as inventory, financial assets, media and more is easily managed. DBS-H continuously replicates all required changes from SQL to new NoSQL operational databases in near real-time. Maintaining continuous data integration flow between structured and unstructured data is key to the successful management of enterprise data.