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Our Thoughts On Big Data


A New Look at Data Modeling in a NoSQL World

Schemaless by Design

Written by Michael Elkin, DBS-H Co-Founder
This article provides a fresh look at data modeling, by addressing the challenge of integrating increasingly popular NoSQL databases across the enterprise with SQL databases. We explore some of the concepts of NoSQL database design, which is radically different from SQL design… Read more >>


The Big Data Revolution

Written by Michael Elkin, DBS-H Co-Founder
Big data is everywhere: email, online chat, social media, sensors, photos, and video footage. The amount of data being generated is growing at an estimated 40% per year. According to the McKinsey Global Institute… Read more >>

Continuous Big Data Integration

From The Web


Why “Big Data” Is a Big Deal

Information science promises to change the world.

Written by Jonathan Shaw
“There is a big data revolution,” says Weatherhead University Professor Gary King. But it is not the quantity of data that is revolutionary. “The big data revolution is that now we can do something with the data.” Read more >>


The elephant’s dilemma: What does the future of databases really look like?

MIT’s leading database researcher Michael Stonebraker talks about
receiving the Alan Turing Award and the future of databases.

Written by Colin Barker
As a man in his seventies, Michael Stonebraker could be forgiven for taking things easy but there seems little chance of that. The database research pioneer still works most of the week at MIT and for the rest he is… Read more >>


Do or die: Why data integration is a must

Written by Ravi Madabhushi
Data integration makes wrangling programs and platforms easy by consolidating the data into one place, where it makes meaningful insights out of disparate sources of information.. Read more >>