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Near Real-Time Continuous Big Data Integration

without the need to change existing systems, at all!

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Continuous data integration between
SQL and NoSQL data sources


Plug and play – delivered as a
ready-to-use virtual appliance


Deployed on-premises
and in the cloud

Why Big Data Integration?


360° Customer View

Creating and maintaining a unified view of a customer from multiple operational systems.
Different applications work with different customer data. Integrating these databases ensures smarter capitalization of upsell opportunities, and provides the highest level of customer service.
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User Profile Management

Enhancing applications that manage user preferences, authentications and even financial transactions.
With DBS-H continuous big data integration, even financial transaction data can be found transparently inside NoSQL engines.
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Catalog Management

Connecting applications that manage product catalogs, financial assets, employee data, and customer data.
DBS-H significantly increases cross-sell opportunities with a transparent and flexible catalog management database. DBS-H enables continuous data integration from multiple existing SQL-related data sources into a centralized catalog with a NoSQL-based system.
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You don’t have to choose between transactions and scalability

Adopting Big Data changes the way enterprises consume data. However, big data systems are not going to replace traditional relational databases.

With continuously integrated relational and big data databases, enterprises can step into the big data reality and avoid data island chaos.

Our hybrid approach allows relational and big data databases to run side-by-side.

What are you waiting for?
  • Near real-time continuous big data integration
  • Plug-and-play virtual appliance
  • Complex mapping between SQL to NoSQL design
  • Data enrichment
  • Big data adoption enabler
  • Empowering business intelligence and analytics
  • Oracle, SQL Server, and MongoDB are supported

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